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Professional Search

With todays tight labour market, a shortage of skilled workers is one of South Africa€™s greatest challenges. Recruitment consumes an estimated 20% of the total HR budget. Combine this with a shrinking pool of qualified prospects and you can see where this is a problem for many companies. With our highly effective team we can help you obtain the most talented and eager candidates available.

For Employers

  • Cost effective, straightforward and reputable results
  • The best value and return on your HR investment - it more than pays for itself
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Search and Headhunting for key skills
  • Credit, Criminal and other pre-employment checks
  • Verbal and Written reference checks
  • Information on industry trends in recruitment
  • Targeted Recruitment and talent resourcing
  • Recruitment advertising and response handling
  • Pre-employment personality profiles

For Employees


We represent some of the top companies in South Africa and around the world - our system is designed to connect qualified Job Applicants with our Employee Base. Our Team of Recruitment Specialists will assist you in preparing your Resume to best represent your skills and qualifications prior to submission to prospective employees.

Our "Job Seekers" function is 100% Free to use - signup today and load your resume for consideration by our member Employees. Look around at some of the offerings and apply online!


Our Products & Services

  • Installation of a complete HR function
  • Establishing / auditing human resource functions
  • HR administrative structures & procedures
  • Recruitment and selection processes
  • Human resource & management support
  • Development of employment contracts & induction
  • Handbooks, policies & compliance issues
  • Handling employee relations / conflict resolution
  • Organizational design
  • Job analysis
  • Drafting job descriptions
  • Developing compensation structures
  • Labour relations services
  • Reorganization, downsizing, and outplacement
  • Performance management, reviews & goals setting
  • Motivation, recognition, rewards & retention
  • Management skills development & coaching
  • Succession planning & career guidance plans
  • Behavioral & aptitude profile assessment
  • HR focused strategic planning
  • Absenteeism analysis & control
  • Employment equity and skills development
  • Employee training & development at all levels
  • Workmen€™s compensation administration
  • Unemployment benefit administration
  • Occupational safety & health support
  • On line access to database and HR functions